Image of a Roman tablet with latin writing

Vindolanda Tablets Online

This website offers a complete archive of the tablets including text images, transliterated texts, English translations, historical and archaeological background, and student exercises.
Poster shows a woman dressed in Stars & Stripes, symbolizing America asleep.

World War I Posters

This collection is useful in a variety of ways—to study history, to study art and graphic design, and even to study pop culture.
Thumbnail of soldier with child

World War II American Soldiers and a Bengali Child


These photographs are among a series of fifteen taken in 1945 by U.S. soldier Glenn S. Hensley. Hensley was a professional photographer participating in aerial surveillance of Burma for the U.S. Army. The images illustrate an encounter between Hensley and four fellow U.S. airmen with the residents of the village of Kharagpur, West Bengal. Some of the photographs have significant annotations... Read More »